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Future Roadmap

Combining Wisdom And Ingenuity, We’re Blazing A Trail Of Our Own

Q4 2021

To obtain Dah Lih 1800 CNC machine, 15000 rpm/torque, Through Spindle Coolant

To obtain Dahlih 1200 CNC machine, 15000 rpm/torque, Through Spindle Coolant

Q2 2022

To acquire 4th Axis Rotary Table capability for existing Dah Lih 1200 & Dah Lih 1800 models

To implement the Mitutoyo Real-Time Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Data Management

Q3 2022

To obtain IATF 16949 Certification

Q1 2023

To set up a New Manufacturing Facility (approx. 2000 m²), solar-powered and temperature controlled by Mitsubishi FA

Q2 2023

To obtain Mitsubishi Electric MV4800S Wire-EDM

Q3 2023

To implement the Mitsubishi Scada system, process and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) monitoring

Q4 2023

To acquire 5-axis machining capability, with Tongtai CT- 350 and Axile G6


To acquire Metal Additive Manufacturing capability, sintering, and 3D Metal Printing (SLS/DMLS/ LMF)

Made for Advancing Progress

More than just the metal parts we manufacture, Seiko Precision combines expertise and innovation to promote parallel growth and enduring outcomes for our nation.

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